Carl Davies

Nick & Hazel Bunting

It was with great pleasure that I was asked to be second shooter at Nick & Hazel’s wedding. The weather was a bit variable, sun, rain, wind, snow, hail but that didn’t dampen the bride & groom’s spirits ! Here are a few shots from the day !

A Rocky Place

My friend has a massive collection of rocks and minerals which seem to be in every corner of his house so after offering to go and photograph some a year or so ago I finally got round to doing so recently and here are the results.

Not being an expert on rocks, I had to ask for the names of them all.  I did spot the Fool’s Gold and Blue John however ! Hopefully I’ve matched the names with the rocks correctly !

Steve Peat’s Steel City Downhill

May the Fourth be with you !

Yes, Saturday the 4th May 2013 was the 3rd time that Peaty’s Steel City Mini Downhill had taken place and I was there for the first time. I just caught the last hour of the race and what a great time it was. Various Star Wars characters were in residence including Chewbacca masquerading as a marshall and the great Steve Peat in full Stormtrooper outfit.

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3D Images

3D photography is relatively simple. All you need is some software, 3D glasses and your camera of course. I use red/cyan glasses which are widely available through ebay etc. such as these. Now download the software. This can be found at

Now grab your camera and find something that may look good in3D.

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

On Sunday I went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with my wife Karen on a glorious sunny day. The main exhibit was by a Spanish artist named Jaume Plensa. If you haven’t been make sure you do as it is quite amazing. Here are a few shots I took on the day.

Chatsworth Take Two

The day after the whirlwind experience of Brett Harkness, we had a much more sedate day in the company of Jo de Banzie for a day of portrait taking. Our models for the day were the delightful children Ellie, Robert, Niamh, Millie and Olivia. They hadn’t done this sort of thing before but threw themselves into it and had a great time. Here is a small selection of images I took during the day.



A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a photography workshop with Brett Harkness (one of the best wedding photographers there are) and Jo de Banzie (one of the best childrens’ photographers there are) at the beautiful location of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire which very nicely is not too far from me in Sheffield. The two days were hosted by Elaine from Britain’s Best Photography who looked after us all very well. More on Jo in another post but Brett was great. He guided us through various settings he likes to use on his camera, giving us tips on poses and answering loads of questions from the 12 or so eager photographers gathered around him.

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Yesterday I drove out near Chesterfield and could see in the distance a mass of red in one of the fields. So I headed in that general direction and after a few wrong turns came across this field absolutely full of red poppies. I think you’ll agree it is rather spectacular. I may go back later in the week, weather permitting before they die off.