3D Images

3D photography is relatively simple. All you need is some software, 3D glasses and your camera of course. I use red/cyan glasses which are widely available through ebay etc. such as these. Now download the software. This can be found at www.stereoeye.jp/software/index_e.html.

Now grab your camera and find something that may look good in3D.



Left Eye Photo

Take two photos, one as if seen from the left eye and one as seen from the right. So, take one photo then move slightly to the right and take the second.


Right Eye Photo

Don’t tilt or turn the camera just continue pointing straight ahead.

Run the software, click Load Left Image, selecting the left hand side image and repeat for the right. Click Make 3D image and your 3D image will appear. Use the controls to move the images around until they look right and then you can save your 3D image.

Final 3D image of the Peak District